Nothing Cool About Prison
Nothing Cool About Prison

Former gang member Sean "Dino" Johnson, who now works at a violence prevention organization, talks about how he turned his life around. [read more]
Youth Advocate: I’ve Been There So I Can Help
Youth Advocate: I’ve Been There
So I Can Help

Pedro explains his work as an ACS Youth Advocate. In this program, young adults who were in foster care themselves help youth in care with their Family Team Conferences and other preparations for aging out. [read more]
‘I Just Didn’t Have Anybody’
'I Just Didn't Have Anybody'
Misty Stenslie, director of Foster Care Alumni of America, was in foster care in eight different states and entered adulthood feeling alone and emotionally devastated. Connecting with other people who had been in care helps her gain a new sense of freedom and self-worth.
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Keeping My Cool: Why a phone call is more powerful than a meltdown
Keeping My Cool
When the author learns she is being moved to a new foster home simply for bureaucratic reasons, she throws a major tantrum (and a chair). Then she contacts her lawyer, and learns there's more power in communicating professionally than in going ballistic. [read more]
'I Need a Winter Coat!: I shouldn’t have to beg for my basic needs'
‘I Need a Winter Coat!’

Alisha needs a winter coat, but no one at her foster care agency seems to know who's responsible for that.
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Learn to Advocate: How to Stand Up For Your Rights in the System
Learn to Advocate

Sabrina lays out a six-step advocacy process that foster youth can use to stand up for their rights in the system. [read more]
Unlocking the Cage Door: How I escaped abuse and learned to trust
Unlocking the Cage Door

Growing up, Lavell is abused by her father and her uncle. She summons the courage to report the abuse and finds a safer home. Later she shares her experiences with a supportive therapist, which helps her begin to heal.
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Stealing My Good Name: I fought back against identity theft
Stealing My Good Name

Chimore wants to have a good credit history because she's about to age out of foster care. Then she finds out that her identity has been stolen and fraudulent credit card accounts opened in her name. Through persistence, she manages to clear up the problem. [read more]