College Struggles: You're on your own, kid College Struggles
Freshman year, Otis doesn't get his books until late in the semester and realizes his study skills are lacking. He flunks out, but vows to return. [read more]
  At Home in School
Marisa has always viewed school as a happy escape, but her dedication to education is put to the test when, at 16, she moves into her own apartment. School is two hours a way, and college deadlines loom. [read more]
At Home in School
  From Inmate to College Student From Inmate to College Student

Marlo's lust for money gets him in trouble, but he learns to redirect that desire into a plan to become an accountant. [read more]
  How Am I Supposed to Pay for College?

Maria interviews someone at Options, a nonprofit program that helps New Yorkers with all things college: choosing one, getting in, and especially paying for it. Maria gives an overview of scholarships, grants, and loans. [read more]
How Am I Supposed to Pay for College
  Too Many Schools: Moving every year makes it hard to graduate Too Many Schools
Moving to different foster homes has disrupted the author's education, but she still manages to graduate. [read more]
  Getting the Education You Deserve
A lawyer explains your educational rights and how to advocate for yourself. [read more]
Getting the Education You Deserve: Know the law and make it work for you
  And Still I Rise And Still I Rise

Luis has overcome the temptations of the streets to apply himself academically. He's close to graduating from high school and is making preparations for college. He looks at why many foster youth lack direction and can't focus on school. [read more]
  How I Graduated from High School

When Angi enters high school, she cuts classes and falls behind in her work. A negative inner voice holds her back
and she has trouble concentrating because she lives in
foster care. But in the 12th grade Angi breaks the pattern, gets help, and graduates. [read more]
How I Graduated from High School
  Minnesota Merengue Minnesota Merengue
When Kizzy, who is of Venezuelan and Trinidadian descent, is accepted to Carleton College in Minnesota, she is nervous about attending an overwhelmingly White school. But once on campus she has friends from all races, as college is a place "to cross, not create, barriers." [read more]
  In Training
Jessica joins JROTC in high school and gains confidence from the discipline, but decides against joining the armed forces after graduation. [read more]
In Training: I found discipline and support in JROTC—but not my future
  The College of My Dreams: With No Money Down

The College of My Dreams:
With No Money Down

Lishone is financing her college education by researching little-known scholarships available to foster youth. [read more]

  From ‘Group Home Child’ to College Success
When Tamecka goes away to college, she begins missing classes and failing exams, and her first inclination is to blame her foster care background. But she tires of making excuses, seeks tutoring and counseling, and achieves academic success. [read more]
From 'Group Home Child' to College Success
  Easy Way Out? Find out what it really takes to get your GED

Easy Way Out?
Kanwal profiles April Mojica, who finally earned her GED at age 26 and is a lesson in perseverance. She couldn't tell time until she was 19, but now she's planning to get a Ph.D. [read more]