Seven Housing Suggestions for New York City Seven Housing Suggestions for New York City
Shannon Cleary of the Morningside Heights Legal Services Clinic summarizes the Clinic's upcoming report suggesting ways to help youth aging out get housing. [read more]
  Supportive Housing
Lavell shares her experience of applying for, then choosing between low-income public housing and supportive housing for mentally ill New Yorkers. [read more]
Supportive Housing: On my own but not alone
  Crib Sheet Crib Sheet
Scott gives basic tips on finding an apartment. [read more]
  Mountain Climbing For Beginners
Maya moves into her own apartment after leaving foster care, and is overwhelmed by the prospect of living on her own, financially and emotionally. But she budgets her money, learns to make ends meet, and grows up quickly. [read more]
Mountain Climbing for Beginners
  On the Road to Nowhere On the Road to Nowhere
Jasmenda doesn't have a model roommate in her SILP (Supervised Independent Living Program) apartment. Instead of preparing for aging out, the roommate parties and fails to get with the program. Part of Jasmenda blames the roommate; another part of her feels the system could have provided more help. [read more]
  At Long Last: My Own Place!
Angi, tired of living in group and foster homes, finally moves into a supervised apartment program where her agency pays the rent and utilities. She loves the freedom, but doesn't abuse it. She shops, cooks for herself, attends independent living meetings, and learns how to live on her own. [read more]
At Long Last: My Own Place!

  Sliding Into Homelessness
Zakkiaya applies for several types of public housing before she turns 21, but nothing comes through in time. Soon, she's sleeping on the subway. [read more]
Sliding Into Homelessness: I did everything right, but had nowhere to go
  Mentally Ill, Gay, and Homeless Mentally Ill, Gay, and Homeless
Yaselin is caught in a gap between the foster care system and the mental health system and becomes homeless at age 18. She gets help from an LGBTQ shelter. [read more]
  Shelter Life: Loud and Foul
Otis is shocked by the reality of the adult shelter system—constant smoking, drugs, alcohol, fighting, no privacy, and little possibility of sleep. [read more]
Shelter Life: Loud and Foul: When Mom kicked me out, I was in for a shock
  Below the Poverty Line Below the Poverty Line
Coming up on a year in the shelter system, Otis is looking hard for a job and trying to get Social Security payments for his disability. [read more]

No Place to Go
Miguel is 21, mentally ill, about to age out of foster care, and has nowhere to go. [read more]

No Place to Go