Invader in My Brain Invader in My Brain
Victor describes the methods he's used to control his anxiety and depression, including therapy, medication, exercise, and mindfulness. [read more]
  Medicated Against My Will
A.C. goes into care and gets put on powerful psychotropic drugs. She is sad and lonely, but not, she tells her therapist, mentally ill. [read more]
Medicated Against My Will
Finding The Right Kind of Therapy Finding The Right Kind of Therapy
The writer cuts herself to soothe her anger. When her mom finds out and makes her go to a therapist, she hates it. Over the years, she finds a few therapists she likes, and she explains the difference. [read more]
  Why I’ll Never Be an Abuser

Steven is disturbed by his sister's abusive relationship and the violence in his community. He interviews two psychologists about developing healthier relationships. [read more]
Why I’ll Never Be an Abuser: I donít want to repeat the violence I see around me
Woman's Best Friend: My dog Prissy makes me happy Woman’s Best Friend
Chimore and her dog Prissy have a special bond that's helped Chimore adjust to life after foster care. [read more]
  Moving Past Abuse

The writer explains how abuse can cause people to develop "maladaptive" behaviors. [read more]
Moving Past Abuse
Taming Trauma: Therapy techniques use the body to heal Taming Trauma
Therapists describe techniques that use the body to help abuse survivors recover from their trauma—EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, and EFT Tapping. [read more]
  Getting It Out

Anthony escapes his abusive mother and writes down what happened to him. This helps, as does talking to a good therapist. [read more]
Getting It Out: Writing and therapy helped me heal
Getting Back to You Getting Back to You
Xavier was still emotionally dependent on the system after he left it. He hadn't learned how to be alone with himself and his experiences. He realizes that being independent is not just getting a job or knowing how to cook: it's also "what you do for yourself on the inside." [read more]
  Opening Up Opening Up
Natasha connects with her latest therapist in a way she never managed in the past. [read more]
  Loose Cannon

Having grown up in a violent, abusive household, the author struggles with his anger every day. Once he begins to understand how his past controls him, he manages to get a better grip on his emotions. [read more]
Loose Cannon
  Finding My Way Home Finding My Way Home
As a reaction to being sexually abused, the writer develops a full-blown eating disorder. She enters a treatment center and begins a slow process of recovery. [read more]