Carnivore No More: The hardest thing about becoming vegetarian is other people Carnivore No More
Kamaal decides to stop eating meat and faces surprising resistance from his foster family and some friends. [read more]
  Pass the Veggies, Please!

Quaneyah reflects on how unhealthy eating habits get started—and reinforced. [read more]
Pass the Veggies, Please: How fatty, sugary foods are poisoning our generation
Dear Food Diary Dear Food Diary
NYC writers keep food diaries, recording every bite (and sip) for four long weeks. Along the way, they make some surprising discoveries about themselves and their diets, while learning how to eat in healthier ways. [read more]
  My 'Hood is Bad for My Health

The writer wants to eat healthy, but it's a struggle—She lives with a grandmother who cooks mostly with meat and oil, and and a neighborhood full of fast food. [read more]
My ’Hood is Bad for My Health
  Scaling Back Scaling Back
Erica has used food to deal with various emotional problems, but feels healthier and stronger when she gets her eating habits under control. [read more]
  Skinniest Man in the Graveyard

The male writer loves to eat and is overweight from an early age. By age 15 he becomes obsessed with shedding pounds and resorts to bouts of anorexia and bulimia. [read more]
Skinniest Man in the Graveyard
  Dangerously in Love With a Danish Dangerously in Love With a Danish
A Danish is Hattie's perfect partner--with his soft cherry lips and tan complexion, he's just there to please. [read more]
  Bonding Through Cooking

When Aurora enters a foster home she expects her foster mother to cook for her, but soon finds out she's expected to make her own meals. The other girls in the home teach Aurora to cook, and in the process she forms friendships with women her age for the first time. [read more]
Skinniest Man in the Graveyard