U to the E: Unemployment Benefits Can Keep You Afloat
Using her own experience, Chimore breaks down how you get employment benefits after you are laid off. [read more]
U. to the E.: Unemployment Benefits Can Keep You Afloat
Man With a Plan Man With a Plan

When Michael witnesses a fellow group home resident aging out into a men's shelter, he vows not to end up homeless and jobless when he leaves the system. He starts making concrete plans for his future and by his 21st birthday he has his own apartment [read more]
  Setting Goals:
In the Driver’s Seat

Xavier describes how he set and achieved goals in order to live independently after foster care. He lays out a step-by-step plan for how foster youth can prepare for the future. [read more]
Setting Goals: In the Driver's Seat
  A Clean Sweep Cleaning:
A Clean Sweep

Christine gives detailed advice about turning your apartment from nasty to neat. [read more]
Do You Have What It Takes To Be on Your Own?

A humorous but realistic quiz to help teens think about how they spend money, find housing, deal with loneliness, manage anger, and other essential skills for living on one's own. [read more]
  Caring for My Clothes Keeps Me Looking Good: Here’s How I Do It
Kareem leads us through the steps of properly washing and drying clothes. [read more]
  Countdown to Indepencence
Giselle will age out of foster care in three months and reviews the preparations she's made during the last year: calculating her expenses, opening a bank account, sticking to a budget. Despite a few lapses, Giselle has $5000 saved and an apartment when she leaves. [read more]