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A picture of a pretty hippie girls

Ok, so this is a pretty hippie girl page, which I’m sure you already guessed. With that in mind though, I thought this would be a perfect section for the female hippie to post their own Hippie Girls outfit.

Hippies were extremely popular in the 1960s, and this girl is no exception. She is pretty, young and vibrant. Completely at ease with herself and her surroundings, she’s just what you wanted to be – a 70s hippie girl.

Pretty hippy girl. Peaceful, happiness, love and joy. Long curly hair and flowers on head. Background with peace sign, outline of United States.

She wears flowers in her hair and only shops at head shops and organic grocery markets.

This girl is really cool and laid-back. A heart of gold and smokin’. Her kind voice and eyes that know better than the rest. She’s someone you can come to for advice, and the most amazing friend in your life…