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What is HIPPIE? The History Of The Hippie Cultural Movement.

Hippie, also spelled hippy, member, during the 1960s and 1970s, of a countercultural movement that rejected the mores of mainstream American life.

Hippie means:

1) A person who decides to live according to a system of beliefs more concerned with the environment and finding inner peace than with material wealth.

2) What you are about to become.

Hippie was a name initially given to teenagers and young adults who were disaffected with the conservative and antisocial attitudes of mainstream America in the late 1960s. They were drawn to vegetarianism, yoga, psychedelics, meditation and Eastern religions.

As a western subculture, the hippies where described as free spirited, anti-bourgeois counter culture members. They often lived in communal settings and rejected the modern-day standards of literacy, gender roles, sexuality and even clothes styles. Their style was to dress freely and casually to capture a natural, peace loving depiction of people who were against war.

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A Look Back At 70s Hippies

Take a trip back to a time when owning a television was still considered progressive. Think about a time before everyone had ten channels, but we all sang “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.” Now think about the early 70s and the hippie subculture – what effect did they have on America? Were they just a bunch of drug addled law breakers, or were they a breath of fresh air trying to fix social issues and make the country better?

The 70s Hippies of the 70s have voted to embrace a new rock and roll lifestyle. For many, this lifestyle included the desire to recreate the 1920s look that they were attempting to live out with their parents at home.

With their meandering music harmonies, outrageous style, and unapologetically hippy lifestyles, the hippies of the 60s and 70s are remembered as the counterculture that changed how we look at the world today. Featured here is our curated collection of the top five style icons of this era.

Hippies proved to be far more than a flash in the pan, as their influence extended well beyond the radical 1960s and into a new decade of social, political, and cultural upheaval. In this video you’ll see some pictures from the 70’s.

60s Hippies – Sixties Counterculture

Hippies of the 1960s protests and counterculture inspired many changes. The 60s flower power movement was ignited by the hippie lifestyle and the youth who was involved in it. This article, a look back at 60s Hippies, gives you some details about famous hippies from the 60s and how they lived.

60s Hippies and Flower Power. In 1960s America, the counterculture embraced a new way of life. 60s hippies were young people and students who wore brightly colored clothing and rejected mainstream society in favor of peace, love, and music.

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Hippy Girl – Do You Love A Boho Beauty?

A hippie girl is the most amazing, open-minded and free-spirited creature you’ll ever meet. She’s smart, independent, kind, she’ll never judge you and she’ll be your friend or lover for life. She’s smart, independent, kind, she’ll never judge you and she’ll be your friend or lover for life.

She’s carefree, she’s creative and she’s not afraid to make waves. It’s been said that there are no boundaries or limitations for her, because her soul is infinite. This is the kind of free love that has the power to change a person’s life – and it does!

Hippie girls are sexy and adventurous, they love to connect with nature and the elementals.

The hippie girl doesn’t need to be convinced, because she KNOWS. She knows how to laugh, she knows how to live and she knows how to love. That isn’t a lesson you can learn any other way but living through the things your heart was made to love.

She’ll make you feel euphoric and if you get close enough she’ll become your favorite addiction. You’ll fall in love with the way she dances, smiles, and just lives life.

Do You Already Know Hippie Style

Hippie style, stemming from the counterculture of the 1960s, is more than just tie-dye and lava lamps. It is an eclectic blend of several styles. Bohemian, vintage, retro, and laidback are all words that describe hippie style. There really is an unlimited amount of ways you can sport this look.

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Hippie style is all about individuality, color and comfort. The key to nailing this look is to mix and match different patterns, like florals, stripes and paisley, with traditional clothing pieces like maxi dresses and bell bottoms. Wear a statement piece from our bandana coll.

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Lean, Bohemian-inspired looks have been adopted as a part of mainstream fashion. Everyday jeans, dresses and tops can be manipulated, with a few simple tricks, to create stylish looks from the ’60s and early ’70s. They give outfits an easygoing vibe that is perfect for the carefree attitudes of today’s youth!

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Our hippie style products feature bright colors, nature-inspired designs like flowers and sunflowers, peace signs and more.

Many designs available, you’ll be sure to find something you like. Targeted towards hippies and those who love nature, sunflowers, freedom.

Why do you love Hippie Peace sign?

Hippies and antiwar activists began to use the gesture as a symbol of peace, a non-violent alternative to the peace sign and Winston Churchill’s V-sign.

After World War II, in the United Kingdom, Australian and American activists used this sign as a symbol for their cause. In the 1960s the use of this symbol spread to many other countries and peace marches.

Peace signs were used by activists during Vietnam War protests.

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Why Does Hippie Art So Popular For Any Decor Style?

You might wonder why hippie art so popular for any decor style? What made it so special that people from different backgrounds and ages love this style.

Hippie art is by far one of the most popular and also trending types of art in today’s modern society.

Hippie art is usually one of the most popular pieces for any decor style, and it is something that you can’t find in any other parts of the world. Hippies are known for being very peaceful and loving people, and they love animals and nature in general. The great thing about hippie art is that they represent a different way of thinking, and not just a “normal” way of thinking.

They also represent a unique world of freedom and peace, so if you want to add some hippie artwork to your home, then you will not have to worry about offending anyone. This type of art will fit in with many types of decor styles.

It’s just one reason we like to use hippie art when decorating the modern home – it has a way of tying in a choice of otherwise unrelated decorations. By choosing something that is eye-catching and colorful like hippie art, you can really start to set the stage for your decor style.

Hippie art is just not always cheap. If you are buying the new item, then you can easily afford the price. However, the antiques need to have higher price depending on actual condition. You can also find many art dealers which offer the hippie products and artifacts in affordable rate that makes it most beautiful collection to your home.

Hippie art in fashion product culture Art and Fashion design is the art of applying design, aesthetics, clothing construction and natural beauty to clothing and accessories. It is influenced by cultural and social attitudes and has varied over time and place. Fashion designers work in a number of ways in designing clothing and accessories such as bracelets and necklaces. Because of the time required to bring a garment onto the market, designers must at times anticipate changes to consumer tastes.

Hippie Flower Power and Flower Child

Hippies embraced the symbolism by dressing in clothing with embroidered flowers and vibrant colors, wearing flowers in their hair, and distributing flowers to the public. If you’re a child of the 70’s, then it is possible that you remember these charming, hippie sunflower paintings that were so popular in the 60s. Unlike the Beat era and the more somber artwork that it spawned, these hippie flower paintings are all about fun, freedom, peace and groovy love.

Embodying the spirit of 1960s and 1970s hippie fashion, this delightful long-sleeved mini dress features a delicately hand embroidered sunflower surrounded by two smaller flower buds blooming on a black background. Slightly flared, with long sleeves and a scalloped hem creating a romantic bell shape, this dress looks fabulous layered over a pair of opague black tights or worn on its own for a sweet summer look.

Motivational Hippie Quotes to Inspire Positivity

Hippies were central figures in the 1960s counterculture, which promoted peace and love. Are you looking for hippie quotes? A collection of wise and insightful hippy quotes about love, life, peace, freedom and happiness.

Sunshine mixed with a little hurricane. The pursuit of happiness is the chase of a lifetime. Hippie Quotes by Hippies for Hippies to inspire you to live freely and peaceful. Love is a friendship set to music. Never doubt that a small group of thoughful, committed individuals can change the world, indeed it’s the only thing that ever has. If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, then there would be peace.